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Admin Software :

a. Property Detail.

b. Member Registration.

c. Create own Charges type (for Billing).

d. Create Expenditure Head (for Expenditure).

e. Non Member database such as Vendor.

f. Assign charges for auto Billing. (By assigning charges to members, Bill can be created for all members, with single click.)

g. Assign Late Charge, so that during Bill generation, software will calculate late charge automatically.

h. Generate single Bill (Bill can be created for single members). Bill can be shared in image form.  

i. Generate Bill Auto (, Bill can be created for all members, with single click, Bills can be deleted)

j. Transaction: Bill deposit, Expenditure can be made. Bank and Cash book will be maintained automatically.

k. Member Search.

l. Member Report: Members Bill deposit and receipt report can be generated in excel format.

m. Query Transaction: Transaction report can be generated in excel format.

n. Query Bill: Bill report can be generated in excel format.  

o. Query Bank: Bank report can be generated in excel format.

p. Backup: Backup of database can be taken in internal memory of mobile phone. So that during crash of mobile , precious data cannot be lost.

q. Restore: Database from internal memory of mobile phone can be restored.

r. Contact member: SMS can be sent to all members, for various information. Also members can be dialed.

s. SMS Bill / Receipt : Bill / Receipt can be sent to concerned member using SMS.

t. Complaint Register.

u. Employee database.

v. Tenant Database.

w. Vehicle database.

x. Document (All document can be saved with software and can be read as per requirement.)

y. Visitor Management : With Visitor entry , Two SMS will be sent.One to Visitor, informing his Registration number so that during Exit,same will be informed to security person to enter exit time of visitor. Second SMS will be sent to Property owner to inform that one visitor having some mobile number will be visiting you. 

Member Software :
Complaint Register : Members can write complaint and send to Society Secreatary by complain.txt file. Society Secretary copy the complain.txt file to folder namely societycomplain in Mobile phone memory and click Receive Complain button. Complaint sent by member will be inserted in Admin Housing Society Management Software automatically.

Note : Database can be transferred from Desktop Application Software to avoid typing difficulties.
 Initially Demonstration Software valid for one month only. Please Email Android mobile IMEI number to increase the validity.
Click Application Button Help/Order --> SMS
: Cost :
INR 5000/- (100 USD) Per Society for life time.
INR 500/- (10 USD) Per Society per year.
Email : echonetin@yahoo.in-
: How to Order :
Deposit Amount in A/c No : 9386 0021 0000 0605 
of Punjab National Bank India
Branch Code : 938600
In Favour of : Echo Software Consultancy Services
Send Amount Deposited , Transaction Number / Cheque Number .
Mention Your Name , Address , Phone Number , Yahoo Email ID, Society Name , Society Reg No, Address.
to : echonetin@yahoo.in 
Software validity will be increased within 07 days of receiving the amount.